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Icaro and Energy Healing Testimony – Naoki Nayati – former Marine and veteran soldier British Army

“Firstly I would just like to say a huge thank you to Maestro Richard Down.
Not only did his incantation Icaro initiations and attunement’s heal parts of me, they levelled up my singing, the strength of my voice, the power of my medicine and my ability to heal others.
I feel confident I can help anyone with anything using the techniques I have learnt during this 12 week immersion into incantation shamanism with icaros.
We call upon the heavy earth magic to bring forth visions, and we snap them away at the click of a finger.
We can heal others spirits, souls and physical ailments.
They have transformed many aspects of my life.
When I first met Richard, I knew his background somewhat from what you hear on the grapevine but I always believe that I get to choose how someone makes me feel individually regardless of
what others have said in the past.
Richard is a kind hearted soul, down to earth, funny and a bloody powerful shaman at that.
Not only have I met the people he has done healing work on and seen he has literally saved their lives, he also had a big impact on mine, my medicine, my songs, my healing.
We have created a great bond over the last 12 weeks and strengthened our brother connection.
Since starting Richard’s immersion I can honestly say I can almost look through people and see what’s wrong with them… this is a new found ability, but one that comes with great responsibility
as not everyone can be helped.
My connection to myself has deepened.
The mind chatter I once had seems to have practically vanished and I’m sure it will go completely as I continue singing these powerful Icaros. Nightmares I used to have daily have diluted. Numerous aspects of my entire share I give Richard before starting the course have come true, or working on them currently.
I could keep going on in ways this course has helped me but I think I will allow others their own journey with Maestro Richard Down, as everyone is different and I want to keep the surprise alive for you.
If you do all the work Richard sets, do what he asks, implement the teachings, you will level up in ways unbeknown to others, you’ll be able to access things incomprehensible to most.
I do believe this was enhanced as I already had a relationship with Mother Aya, I already knew her feeling, I understand somewhat how she works, how she comes through me, and have received
my own icaros in the past. I can only tell you what I know, and I know if you’re working the medicine and want to be able to
call forth the mother without touching a drop of medicine again, this course is for you.
Thank you Maestro Richard, I couldn’t recommend this course enough! If you have the call, follow!”

Training Introduction: June 2022 latest trainee in Icaro and Energy Healing, Maestro Sevko BajicYogeshwar Das

Maestro Shaman Sevko Bajic Yogeshwar Das  June 2022

This work is hidden without the testimonials from my trainees!
And it is my quest to extend this time proven hybrid form of energy and incantation to as many as possible in these challenging times. The work of my training Shaman must be aknowledged and showcased to the best. Also as these are the healers in these times you can go to and receive the effects of Icaro, incantation and healing song.
It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce Maestro Sevko Bajic Yogeshwar Das a Shaman in his own right for the past 16 years – a strong influencer and leader where he resides in the Balkans.
If you are considering training with myself, listen to Maestro Sevko’s account of the full course experience in his video – my books are open late August for more intakes. You are welcome to pm me here and request a video meet up whereby I can explain more.
But now to Sevko Bajic Yogeshwar Das! I refer to him as Maestro in the sense of the title he truly is: A teacher Shaman, the top rank of medicine Shaman, Amazonian Jungle seasoned and with vast experience and knowledge of multiple healing modalities. In the Balkan peninsula and Sarajevo he is much revered and has been serving his healing mission offering sound, ceremony and energy healing to countless people in the community. When Sevko came to me this last year I felt incredibly honoured that he would choose me to open the world of healing song for him: The Icaro, the incantation and hybrid teachings.
His work has been faultless – powerfully consuming and engaging with all the information and techniques my intensive full course can offer. His case studies along the way have been fascinating with recipients responding with detailed and expansive sharings of great healing taking place.
Loving intention, Icaro incantation, the string of techniques that form our lineage in healing song and echoes from the Shipibo tribesmen, extensive knowledge of the subtle energy body, determination, courage, wisdom, spirit, destiny, Earth-craft! – All of this key within the training, Maestro Sevko delivered. Pure Jaguar medicine for the times we live in. In my mind and heart, he is a truly great man.
UK and world family, become aquainted, his healing is highly recommend and don’t let time or distance be an obstacle. Nearest airport is Sarajevo. Email: Sevko@sevko.org
Connect with him here: https://www.facebook.com/sevko.bajic and his mobile: +38761190569

Training Testimonial: Energy Healing and Spiritual Mentoring with Richard Down. Caroline Heward

Caroline Heward
The Harley Street Stress Expert
Ambassador For Peace 2021
My Dearest Richard – with heart-felt thanks to you!
We met in December 2019 at Aho at a Christmas social gathering, where you delivered an amazing toning/sounding experience to the group…I was totally blown away by your incredible and powerful voice and the effects I personally experienced! As I have been working with the chakra system since 2000, I was very aware of the accuracy and power of your work! Then our world changed, and I had many challenges with our changed times.
We began work in April 2021, as I needed your help and “kapow” what a “ride” it has been!
I value your incredible attention to detail and the very caring and compassionate way you worked with me. You have been unbelievably patient as I have been doing lots of other things and you have worked with me and delivered much more than I ever imagined possible.
Our work together from our very first session, in month one, increased my client revenue by over 50% – and continued through-out, that is totally magical! Your Icaros are very transformative! Every aspect of my life started to change, all the aspects that were “out of balance” suddenly “flowed” again. In our changed times, I had lost all of my physical “in person” community and our work together brought in new community and friendships that were totally perfect for me! Thank you!
I went from challenge to joy, from dis-ease to flow-state. During our time together in 2021 we have worked with your very powerful Icaro training and your mentoring and empowerment program – and I am in awe of the results in such a short space of time! The power of your specifity and precise Icaros and mentoring is beyond words. It simply has to be experienced!
I looooved the continued support, so much came up in challenge as I navigated our changed world, and through my careful sharing and journaling within my email “shares” it was transformed like magic. I must admit I am not a lover of online working and yet you made it easy for me. And the power of your work transcended my “fears” of technology. And more importantly gave me new perspective of what was possible over zoom!
I am amazed at how much support and “work” you do “behind” the scenes of our specific zoom meetings. I felt your prayers and your blessings and your amazing way you worked with me to gain the best results for me – you are amazing Richard!
Your training and mentoring programs gave so much more than what I believed I was going to get when I initially “signed up” to work with you! I have felt “held compassionately” and “supported beyond belief” during our time together in 2021. As one professional person/expert to another, I seek out experts in their field and feel blessed to have found you and truly blessed to be on the receiving end of your incredible powerful work.
I stepped into 2022 with a dear friend, personal mentor and my own special shaman.
I have the absolute pleasure of continuing my mentoring and empowerment work with you ongoing for many years to come…now that I have found you…there is no way I am letting you go!
During our time together, opportunities came up that were simply not there previously and I have moved my speaking career presence online as a Stress Expert, Globally as part of the expert coaching team on USA Global TV – that’s a WOW! There were so many magical things that happened to me, too much to write here – I feel! I am sure I could write a book!
I am truly grateful for your care, kindness, compassion and your love and commitment to me through our working together.
I wonder what magic we will create in 2022!
I am soooo excited to find out Richard!
With huge gratitude and much love x x 💖
Caroline Heward
The Harley Street Stress Expert
Ambassador For Peace
Speaker, Educator, Mentor

Training Testimonials: Icaro, Incantation and energy Healing with Richard Down. Em Lou Mac

Shaman healer Em Lou Mac

“Wowwww…what can I say 🤯 the first time I met Richard Down he literally sang me back to life…I was so lost, disempowered and disconnected from my true self. I’d stepped onto the medicine path shortly before meeting Richard, it saved my life, and yet I knew that I needed to work closely with him from the moment we connected. Our first meeting was mind blowing and life affirming 🔥 to meet with the medicine through Icaro and to receive attunement was way beyond what I could have imagined…what a day, out in nature and finally finding my voice…which had been suppressed all my life, in my maternal lineage and in my ancestors!!

The following journey over the last couple of years has seen me step into my power, to become soverign, to hold space for others, to work with incredible medicines and for the first time in my life…to sing, write songs, perform in sacred spaces…to starting to hold my own singing circles and creating therapeutic sound journeys 💖 now…I am on the most incredible journey with Richard in apprenticeship as I study Icaro with him in depth on his most amazing course…deepening my journey and connection with this medicine…I feel so honoured and in gratitude to this gift. After the first module I already see great things happening within and without and am so blessed and excited to take this out into the world…to share my voice, my gifts in service to humanity…to be a light in the darkness and to help guide others to find their own innate gifts to bring to the world.

Richard…thank you for this gift…you give so much hope and inspiration to me and so many. You will never know how much what you have done has meant to me…you helped me find myself, my power and my medicine 🦌

Sending you so much love…I am so excited for this journey and the weaving of these incredible incantations…my witches soul sings 💖💖💖 xxx” Em Lou Mac November 2021

Training testimonial: Icaro, healing song and energy healing Full Course. Lisa Silva

Shaman healer, Lisa Silva Lisa’s finished art project

After years of following Richard, I decided to take his training. My roots in Shamanism were firmly set in Africa where I lived, learned, practiced, and was initiated into the art. After my healing journey with plant medicines, I felt very connected to South American practices especially Icaro but wasn’t sure how to respectfully incorporate the healing sounds into my work.
When I heard Richard sing an Icaro I knew that he is the Maestro that I need to train with. The training is far more than I expected. Right from the start, I felt the energy shift within me, the Icaros were changing and shaping me in ways I didn’t expect.
Richard is a great teacher with a wealth of stories to share that give context to what you are learning. All through the basic and into the advanced training I felt well supported and encouraged. I look forward to Richards’s feedback on coursework as it’s from the heart, really taking the time to feel your songs helping you to sharpen your skill.
Our online meetings are powerful and each session builds on the one before to complement the skills you already have. I started using the techniques in my Kambo 🐸and medicine ceremonies straight away with amazing results and feedback. The training is life-changing not just for me but for all those I work with.
I will continue training with Richard after the advanced to further deepen my connection and abilities.
Thank you 🙏Maestro Richard for the amazing work you do, you’re a blessing from the Universe. 💕feeling loved.

Training testimonial: Icaro, healing song and energy healing Full Course. Theresa Field

“I’ve been working with Richard Down for over a year now, going deeper and deeper into the world of Incantation Shamanism.
It has been an incredible journey! Our time together 1-1 is fascinating, I love Richards’s way of teaching, he brings so much wisdom, knowledge and beautiful heartfelt stories that really bring the sessions and teachings to life, he is pure joy to work with. The icaros he has attuned me to are working within me in ways I did not expect, I feel so much has shifted and aligned since starting work with them. I am loving using them within my healing practice and I have also used several in ceremony and their power and effect has just blown my mind!! I highly recommend Richard to anyone who wants to deepen their own self healing and growth but also for those who want to take their healing and shamanic practice to the next level!!
So much gratitude and love 🙏❤️🌹” Shaman healer, Theresa Field 2021

Mandy St Claire. Jan 2017

I am very grateful to Richard Down for his genuine shamanic skill in the healing I have experienced in this past 3 weeks since the two hour power session I had with him.

I was really stuck in a dark place and knew that I needed real help to guide me back to health and my self . I was unraveling, so lost and very vulnerable and I felt that I could trust Richard. I was right in this, as he could see very clearly what I could not, and he did save my life. It is the support and guidance which means so much to me – to be able to share deeply enough to facilitate working together in a profound way: I have never felt so safely held and loved in the connection that we kept in these last few weeks. This is the Shamanic way of healing I feel, impeccable and selfless. Richard was honest with me throughout and offered gentle reflection so that I was empowered to find my truth… it is this mentoring that is putting me back together and makes the real difference on the path to wholeness. If you are reading this, then you are looking for help… I can assure you , in Richard you will receive a deeply healing experience like no other available in south west England.

Yulia London 2019

Unique skills to help you get back to life in most difficult times..❤ Yulia Komorova June 2019

“Richard said to me that my bad virus would go away in 4 days, sang his song..and it happened in 4 days” Yulia Komorova 24th April 2020

David Cornwall 2016

Richard, my life has changed for the best in so many ways since your work with me. I will always be grateful for what you have done.

David Edge Jan 2016

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