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Mandy St Claire. Jan 2017

I am very grateful to Richard Down for his genuine shamanic skill in the healing I have experienced in this past 3 weeks since the two hour power session I had with him.

I was really stuck in a dark place and knew that I needed real help to guide me back to health and my self . I was unraveling, so lost and very vulnerable and I felt that I could trust Richard. I was right in this, as he could see very clearly what I could not, and he did save my life. It is the support and guidance which means so much to me – to be able to share deeply enough to facilitate working together in a profound way: I have never felt so safely held and loved in the connection that we kept in these last few weeks. This is the Shamanic way of healing I feel, impeccable and selfless. Richard was honest with me throughout and offered gentle reflection so that I was empowered to find my truth… it is this mentoring that is putting me back together and makes the real difference on the path to wholeness. If you are reading this, then you are looking for help… I can assure you , in Richard you will receive a deeply healing experience like no other available in south west England.

Yulia London 2019

Unique skills to help you get back to life in most difficult times..❤

David Cornwall 2016

Richard, my life has changed for the best in so many ways since your work with me. I will always be grateful for what you have done.

Kerry 2016

Richard, I really am so very thankful for, and humbled by such a gift. My journey has been made so much more joyful since our meeting. This is a truly life changing experience for me.

Emma Hedgucation festival 2017

I really need to thank you for my healing. It was really quite remarkable. My chosen intention, to heal old wounds, positively benefited me both emotionally and physically.

My lower back pain, which was particularly bad back in May and has troubled me for a number of years. Has been absent now since the healing. I woke that night with the same sudden urgency that my pain had been causing (especially whilst we were camping that week) and I was instantly aware that this time was different. It was the absence of pain and discomfort tha had announced itself. I couldn’t believe it. I have wanted to be sure this remained the case before writing. I’ve been able to return to my allotment and continue work there and also return to running and not experienced the pains that prevented me from doing so last year.

Emotionally I have been able to journey to a place of forgiveness and empathy for the past hurts delivered into me. I’m finally accepting of the toxic relationships that caused me to seek this healing from you when you offered the gift of your shamanic song.

Shaman Roberto 2012

I really enjoyed singing with you, and hearing the power of your songs. Amazing that it’s growing so

Olly. Portugal 2015

This is wonderful work, Richard, You are really being of service to people and I honour you for living your truth in an authentic way. I could see glimpses of this before of course – in no small way did you actually save my brother’s life and I am eternally grateful for the loving, generous way you gave of yourself to him throughout no doubt, one of the longest and darkest nights. Bless your soul brother. If anyone is reading this other than you then if you need healing go to Richard. He is the real deal

Sue. Plymouth 2013

Dear Richard, I am writing to say a very grateful “Thank You” to you for lifting the terrible burden of alcoholism I have suffered with for many years. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and I feel truly honoured that I met you… I find it unbelievable that I no longer have the desire for a drink, but better still, do not even think about it – it is as if drink had never been in my life. I think you are a very spiritual human being and I wish you many years of helping people be rid of their addictions and problems, so they too may go on to live a full and healthy life. I wish I had met you 40 years ago! I look forward to coming to one of your meetings in the future and promise I’ll always keep in touch. May the path to your door never be overgrown. Eternally grateful”

Tatanka White Ohitika June 2016

Richard Down has recently supported me through a period of depression and complexity on the spiritual path, which had left me feeling depleted and overwhelmed. It was clear to me from the first meeting that he has extensive knowledge, wisdom and spiritual skill. Richard made an assessment of my problems over Skype and through a process of dialogue hypnosis and singing icaros (medicine songs) he cleared so much suffering from my system. This process is very magical and cannot really be understood from an ‘ordinary perspective’. It is however powerful, effective and safe.

Richard is a very experienced shaman who applies an expansive awareness of healing in a subtle down-to-earth and humble way.

I am an experienced healer myself and move in circles of shaman and other kinds of energy workers and I can say without hesitation that I would recommend Richard’s work to anyone who is suffering or troubled.

Richard you are the real deal. Thank you so much for helping me

Eddy May 2016

I cannot express my gratitude for what you have done. Although I obviously held hope for help when I contacted you I did not expect that you would be able to do this to me!!! it is nothing short of a miracle. . .for the first time in years I am free of the most terrible torment and feel like I can begin living

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