Icaro and Energy Healing Testimony - Naoki Nayati - former Marine and veteran soldier British Army - Richard Down Shaman

Icaro and Energy Healing Testimony – Naoki Nayati – former Marine and veteran soldier British Army

“Firstly I would just like to say a huge thank you to Maestro Richard Down.
Not only did his incantation Icaro initiations and attunement’s heal parts of me, they levelled up my singing, the strength of my voice, the power of my medicine and my ability to heal others.
I feel confident I can help anyone with anything using the techniques I have learnt during this 12 week immersion into incantation shamanism with icaros.
We call upon the heavy earth magic to bring forth visions, and we snap them away at the click of a finger.
We can heal others spirits, souls and physical ailments.
They have transformed many aspects of my life.
When I first met Richard, I knew his background somewhat from what you hear on the grapevine but I always believe that I get to choose how someone makes me feel individually regardless of
what others have said in the past.
Richard is a kind hearted soul, down to earth, funny and a bloody powerful shaman at that.
Not only have I met the people he has done healing work on and seen he has literally saved their lives, he also had a big impact on mine, my medicine, my songs, my healing.
We have created a great bond over the last 12 weeks and strengthened our brother connection.
Since starting Richard’s immersion I can honestly say I can almost look through people and see what’s wrong with them… this is a new found ability, but one that comes with great responsibility
as not everyone can be helped.
My connection to myself has deepened.
The mind chatter I once had seems to have practically vanished and I’m sure it will go completely as I continue singing these powerful Icaros. Nightmares I used to have daily have diluted. Numerous aspects of my entire share I give Richard before starting the course have come true, or working on them currently.
I could keep going on in ways this course has helped me but I think I will allow others their own journey with Maestro Richard Down, as everyone is different and I want to keep the surprise alive for you.
If you do all the work Richard sets, do what he asks, implement the teachings, you will level up in ways unbeknown to others, you’ll be able to access things incomprehensible to most.
I do believe this was enhanced as I already had a relationship with Mother Aya, I already knew her feeling, I understand somewhat how she works, how she comes through me, and have received
my own icaros in the past. I can only tell you what I know, and I know if you’re working the medicine and want to be able to
call forth the mother without touching a drop of medicine again, this course is for you.
Thank you Maestro Richard, I couldn’t recommend this course enough! If you have the call, follow!”

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