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Therapy and courses

Richard Down Shaman

Intensive Therapy and Courses with Shaman Richard Down

Richard is known as a Maestro Shaman Healer, he sings Icaro healing songs and uses his extensive background in Neurolinguistics and Hypnosis to effect life transforming healing effects for individuals and audiences large and small.

Over the last ten years he has gained an international word-of-mouth reputation of helping many to powerfully work through a broad spectrum of spiritual, emotional and physical difficulties.

Richard offers training and therapeutic effects through three approaches:

  1. Power sessions – An individual two hour intensive session held via Zoom £200                                                                                                                     
  2. Online 3 part Individual Therapy – where he works with clients over three separate Zoom meetings to create a powerful healing journey £500                                                                                                                     
  3.  Healing Song, Energy Healing and Route to Icaro Incantation – Full Course                                An invitation to train directly with Maestro Shaman Richard Down into, Healing Song Energy Healing and the Route to Incantation Icaro. The internationally acclaimed 12 week online course! Richard is a Shamanic Healer And Has a Professional Background in Psychotherapy; a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistics and Hypnosis. Your host: Richard is known for his work with healing song, sound healing and peace initiatives – the mainstay of his work singing plant spirit song and Shipibo Icaro healing song, sung to individuals and audiences for healing effect Initiated into incantation shamanism via two powerful encounters with Shipibo Maestros in 2011 and later in 2013 Richard developed great ability with Icaro – said by some in indigenous Shipibo medicine circles as possessing ability akin to “Muraya” the top rank of incantation shaman – Over the years Richard has developed online training whereby he shares a way for most into their own healing song – a way to have healing effect through ones own healing voice and also the basis on which to build Icaro. Richards Icaros are sung directly into the Chakras or energy centers of the body. The songs come from spirit and use Shipibo vocables, pure sound and healing frequencies. Participants are taken on a 12 week personal intensive healing journey over the course of six one to one meetings structured with compelling coursework in between each meeting. The course is re-nowned for initiating and equipping neo shaman, sound healers and facilitators. A powerful time proven hybrid teaching introducing powerful healing skills to all recipients. The investment for the six part, twelve week training is now POA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    CONTACT RICHARD directly to arrange for an obligation free friendly and informal discussion via zoom to discuss more in detail, to meet face to face and ascertain suitability of any course of training or individual therapy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Email: or phone/message 07732015555

All clients are invited to a FREE 15 minute phone consultation

Hear What People Have To Say

Caroline Heward
The Harley Street Stress Expert
Ambassador For Peace
Speaker, Educator, Mentor
"My Dearest Richard - with heart-felt thanks to you!
We met in December 2019 at Aho at a Christmas social gathering, where you delivered an amazing toning/sounding experience to the group...I was totally blown away by your incredible and powerful voice and the effects I personally experienced! As I have been working with the chakra system since 2000, I was very aware of the accuracy and power of your work! Then our world changed, and I had many challenges with our changed times.
We began work in April 2021, as I needed your help and "kapow" what a "ride" it has been!
I value your incredible attention to detail and the very caring and compassionate way you worked with me. You have been unbelievably patient as I have been doing lots of other things and you have worked with me and delivered much more than I ever imagined possible.
Our work together from our very first session, in month one, increased my client revenue by over 50% - and continued through-out, that is totally magical! Your Icaros are very transformative! Every aspect of my life started to change, all the aspects that were "out of balance" suddenly "flowed" again. In our changed times, I had lost all of my physical "in person" community and our work together brought in new community and friendships that were totally perfect for me! Thank you!
I went from challenge to joy, from dis-ease to flow-state. During our time together in 2021 we have worked with your very powerful Icaro training and your mentoring and empowerment program - and I am in awe of the results in such a short space of time! The power of your specifity and precise Icaros and mentoring is beyond words. It simply has to be experienced!
I looooved the continued support, so much came up in challenge as I navigated our changed world, and through my careful sharing and journaling within my email "shares" it was transformed like magic. I must admit I am not a lover of online working and yet you made it easy for me. And the power of your work transcended my "fears" of technology. And more importantly gave me new perspective of what was possible over zoom!
I am amazed at how much support and "work" you do "behind" the scenes of our specific zoom meetings. I felt your prayers and your blessings and your amazing way you worked with me to gain the best results for me - you are amazing Richard!
Your training and mentoring programs gave so much more than what I believed I was going to get when I initially "signed up" to work with you! I have felt "held compassionately" and "supported beyond belief" during our time together in 2021. As one professional person/expert to another, I seek out experts in their field and feel blessed to have found you and truly blessed to be on the receiving end of your incredible powerful work.
I stepped into 2022 with a dear friend, personal mentor and my own special shaman.
I have the absolute pleasure of continuing my mentoring and empowerment work with you ongoing for many years to that I have found you...there is no way I am letting you go!
During our time together, opportunities came up that were simply not there previously and I have moved my speaking career presence online as a Stress Expert, Globally as part of the expert coaching team on USA Global TV - that's a WOW! There were so many magical things that happened to me, too much to write here - I feel! I am sure I could write a book!
I am truly grateful for your care, kindness, compassion and your love and commitment to me through our working together.
I wonder what magic we will create in 2022!
I am soooo excited to find out Richard!
With huge gratitude and much love"
Caroline Heward     c January 2020

Power Session

These sessions have helped so many to a better state of health and better state of mind, you will see many glowing testimonials to the powerful effects of these one and a half hour sessions. The session involves;

  1. A confidential email sharing prior to the meeting outlining the problem or quest
  2. The arranged one and a half hour meeting where the client receives Icaro healing song, dialogue therapy and hypnotic techniques
  3. Free ongoing mentorship for one month after session!… This is the difference that makes the difference and creates a powerful conclusion for his clients. Richard offers free email response and high quality feedback to enable fine tuning as the effects made take place for the client.

Power Session Pricing

  • Two Hour hour Power session via Zoom plus support £200

Day Session

For those seeking shamanic healing or shamanic training – or both.

A full day session or several days consecutive with a Maestro shaman.

Often people travel from different parts of the UK and Europe to experience Richard’s life -transformative healing and shamanic training. Some come from as far as the America’s to receive training with the Icaro song.

This is the ultimate healing experience from the initial email sharing of request for healing, to the prayers set up around the client, to the multi levelled learning experience incorporating advanced neurolinguistic programming, hypnotic sessions and energy healing on a maestro healing level through multiple icaro healing songs.

For individuals and small groups the training is received in the home of the shaman – a farm cottage perched on the edge of Devon’s famous Dartmoor National Park.

For larger groups conference facilities are arranged at nearby hotels, Mountains, streams, wilderness, woodlands and coastal locations …Depending on the clients needs, physical ability (and the weather!) Some of the work is offered to be carried out in stunning rural locations –

Clients are assisted to find really good accommodation locally to suite all budgets; from cheaper b&b’s and self catering houses to larger hotels.

Day Session Format

  1. Contact Richard to arrange a free 15 minute Zoom consultation.
  2. Create a confidential email sharing prior to the day session/s outlining the problem or quest. Richard starts work energetically for the client opening prayer to support the upcoming work.
  3. The day session begins with meeting up at the cottage 9.30am to settle for the work to commence at 10am the morning session ensues with a short break for lunch (we provide a vegetarian lunch) the afternoon is spent, weather and preference permitting, partly at the venue and partly on location The day ends with a formal sharing at 5pm.
  4. Free ongoing mentorship… This is the difference that makes the difference and creates a powerful conclusion for his clients. Richard offers free email response and high quality feedback to enable fine tuning as the effects made take place for the client. This is open to clients who have received healing as well as clients who have come for training.

Day Session Pricing

  • An individual day session for one person with Richard is £700
  • For additional participants in a day session or for multiple days contact Richard for a reasonable price to be arranged.

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