Mandy St Claire. Jan 2017 - Richard Down Shaman

Mandy St Claire. Jan 2017

I am very grateful to Richard Down for his genuine shamanic skill in the healing I have experienced in this past 3 weeks since the two hour power session I had with him.

I was really stuck in a dark place and knew that I needed real help to guide me back to health and my self . I was unraveling, so lost and very vulnerable and I felt that I could trust Richard. I was right in this, as he could see very clearly what I could not, and he did save my life. It is the support and guidance which means so much to me – to be able to share deeply enough to facilitate working together in a profound way: I have never felt so safely held and loved in the connection that we kept in these last few weeks. This is the Shamanic way of healing I feel, impeccable and selfless. Richard was honest with me throughout and offered gentle reflection so that I was empowered to find my truth… it is this mentoring that is putting me back together and makes the real difference on the path to wholeness. If you are reading this, then you are looking for help… I can assure you , in Richard you will receive a deeply healing experience like no other available in south west England.

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