Training Introduction: June 2022 latest trainee in Icaro and Energy Healing, Maestro Sevko BajicYogeshwar Das - Richard Down Shaman

Training Introduction: June 2022 latest trainee in Icaro and Energy Healing, Maestro Sevko BajicYogeshwar Das

Maestro Shaman Sevko Bajic Yogeshwar Das  June 2022

This work is hidden without the testimonials from my trainees!
And it is my quest to extend this time proven hybrid form of energy and incantation to as many as possible in these challenging times. The work of my training Shaman must be aknowledged and showcased to the best. Also as these are the healers in these times you can go to and receive the effects of Icaro, incantation and healing song.
It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce Maestro Sevko Bajic Yogeshwar Das a Shaman in his own right for the past 16 years – a strong influencer and leader where he resides in the Balkans.
If you are considering training with myself, listen to Maestro Sevko’s account of the full course experience in his video – my books are open late August for more intakes. You are welcome to pm me here and request a video meet up whereby I can explain more.
But now to Sevko Bajic Yogeshwar Das! I refer to him as Maestro in the sense of the title he truly is: A teacher Shaman, the top rank of medicine Shaman, Amazonian Jungle seasoned and with vast experience and knowledge of multiple healing modalities. In the Balkan peninsula and Sarajevo he is much revered and has been serving his healing mission offering sound, ceremony and energy healing to countless people in the community. When Sevko came to me this last year I felt incredibly honoured that he would choose me to open the world of healing song for him: The Icaro, the incantation and hybrid teachings.
His work has been faultless – powerfully consuming and engaging with all the information and techniques my intensive full course can offer. His case studies along the way have been fascinating with recipients responding with detailed and expansive sharings of great healing taking place.
Loving intention, Icaro incantation, the string of techniques that form our lineage in healing song and echoes from the Shipibo tribesmen, extensive knowledge of the subtle energy body, determination, courage, wisdom, spirit, destiny, Earth-craft! – All of this key within the training, Maestro Sevko delivered. Pure Jaguar medicine for the times we live in. In my mind and heart, he is a truly great man.
UK and world family, become aquainted, his healing is highly recommend and don’t let time or distance be an obstacle. Nearest airport is Sarajevo. Email:
Connect with him here: and his mobile: +38761190569
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