Training testimonial: Icaro, healing song and energy healing Full Course. Lisa Silva - Richard Down Shaman

Training testimonial: Icaro, healing song and energy healing Full Course. Lisa Silva

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After years of following Richard, I decided to take his training. My roots in Shamanism were firmly set in Africa where I lived, learned, practiced, and was initiated into the art. After my healing journey with plant medicines, I felt very connected to South American practices especially Icaro but wasn’t sure how to respectfully incorporate the healing sounds into my work.
When I heard Richard sing an Icaro I knew that he is the Maestro that I need to train with. The training is far more than I expected. Right from the start, I felt the energy shift within me, the Icaros were changing and shaping me in ways I didn’t expect.
Richard is a great teacher with a wealth of stories to share that give context to what you are learning. All through the basic and into the advanced training I felt well supported and encouraged. I look forward to Richards’s feedback on coursework as it’s from the heart, really taking the time to feel your songs helping you to sharpen your skill.
Our online meetings are powerful and each session builds on the one before to complement the skills you already have. I started using the techniques in my Kambo 🐸and medicine ceremonies straight away with amazing results and feedback. The training is life-changing not just for me but for all those I work with.
I will continue training with Richard after the advanced to further deepen my connection and abilities.
Thank you 🙏Maestro Richard for the amazing work you do, you’re a blessing from the Universe. 💕feeling loved.
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