Training Testimonials: Icaro, Incantation and energy Healing with Richard Down. Em Lou Mac - Richard Down Shaman

Training Testimonials: Icaro, Incantation and energy Healing with Richard Down. Em Lou Mac

Shaman healer Em Lou Mac

“Wowwww…what can I say 🤯 the first time I met Richard Down he literally sang me back to life…I was so lost, disempowered and disconnected from my true self. I’d stepped onto the medicine path shortly before meeting Richard, it saved my life, and yet I knew that I needed to work closely with him from the moment we connected. Our first meeting was mind blowing and life affirming 🔥 to meet with the medicine through Icaro and to receive attunement was way beyond what I could have imagined…what a day, out in nature and finally finding my voice…which had been suppressed all my life, in my maternal lineage and in my ancestors!!

The following journey over the last couple of years has seen me step into my power, to become soverign, to hold space for others, to work with incredible medicines and for the first time in my life…to sing, write songs, perform in sacred spaces…to starting to hold my own singing circles and creating therapeutic sound journeys 💖 now…I am on the most incredible journey with Richard in apprenticeship as I study Icaro with him in depth on his most amazing course…deepening my journey and connection with this medicine…I feel so honoured and in gratitude to this gift. After the first module I already see great things happening within and without and am so blessed and excited to take this out into the world…to share my voice, my gifts in service to humanity…to be a light in the darkness and to help guide others to find their own innate gifts to bring to the world.

Richard…thank you for this gift…you give so much hope and inspiration to me and so many. You will never know how much what you have done has meant to me…you helped me find myself, my power and my medicine 🦌

Sending you so much love…I am so excited for this journey and the weaving of these incredible incantations…my witches soul sings 💖💖💖 xxx” Em Lou Mac November 2021

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