Tatanka White Ohitika June 2016 - Richard Down Shaman

Tatanka White Ohitika June 2016

Richard Down has recently supported me through a period of depression and complexity on the spiritual path, which had left me feeling depleted and overwhelmed. It was clear to me from the first meeting that he has extensive knowledge, wisdom and spiritual skill. Richard made an assessment of my problems over Skype and through a process of dialogue hypnosis and singing icaros (medicine songs) he cleared so much suffering from my system. This process is very magical and cannot really be understood from an ‘ordinary perspective’. It is however powerful, effective and safe.

Richard is a very experienced shaman who applies an expansive awareness of healing in a subtle down-to-earth and humble way.

I am an experienced healer myself and move in circles of shaman and other kinds of energy workers and I can say without hesitation that I would recommend Richard’s work to anyone who is suffering or troubled.

Richard you are the real deal. Thank you so much for helping me

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