Emma Hedgucation festival 2017 - Richard Down Shaman

Emma Hedgucation festival 2017

I really need to thank you for my healing. It was really quite remarkable. My chosen intention, to heal old wounds, positively benefited me both emotionally and physically.

My lower back pain, which was particularly bad back in May and has troubled me for a number of years. Has been absent now since the healing. I woke that night with the same sudden urgency that my pain had been causing (especially whilst we were camping that week) and I was instantly aware that this time was different. It was the absence of pain and discomfort tha had announced itself. I couldn’t believe it. I have wanted to be sure this remained the case before writing. I’ve been able to return to my allotment and continue work there and also return to running and not experienced the pains that prevented me from doing so last year.

Emotionally I have been able to journey to a place of forgiveness and empathy for the past hurts delivered into me. I’m finally accepting of the toxic relationships that caused me to seek this healing from you when you offered the gift of your shamanic song.

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