Medicine Star – 25 minute single track EP



Medicine Star
25 minute instrumental medicine sound effect
Sound frequencies channeled from the Astral by Shaman Richard Down in Ayahuasca medicine dreaming
To bring feelings of strength and empowerment
Gamma and strategic frequencies to 19KHz
Clear, cleanse – make room for the new
Make space for this for optimum effect – lay down and surrender – take the trip to the curative


Released October 6, 2021
I honour Ayahuasca – Queen of master plant spirits – the infinite intelligence of the Cosmos and messenger from the Earth
I credit Maestro Shaman Antonio Vasquez Gallaretta and his entourage of Shipibo medicine healers Ucayali Aazonia Peru for showing me where to look for the pure sound curatives in the Astral
I credit Ayahuasca visionary artist Kat Astraeir for offering her art to articulate my medicine sound effects Home – The Art of Kati Astraeir
I credit my wife and Maestra Katerina Down for accompanying me in countless explorative journeys into the Spiritual realm to bring back the healing sounds
I credit my friend Michaela Williams author of Qrista Method and trance healing tribe, for getting me to look closely at Gamma and extremely low sound frequencies for release of trauma