The Song – Part 1 Message from the Earth – a Shamanic story and sound journey – activating Base Chakra


We are excited to now offer you the first of our new series of CD’s – A telling of story within a sound journey – designed to relax, entertain and give sense of wellbeing and healing…

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“Message from the Earth” features an enchanting narration of story set in early Autumn… You are in woodland whereupon you meet a shaman by fire side. He sings you a magical song which transports you to cave and you journey down deep within this earth to the very core. You establish the strongest connection with Mother Earth – base chakra activation, which will remain with you long after the tale is told…

The story in this CD features icaro healing song, vocal overtones and a soundscape of flutes, didge, drums, chimes, mbira, koshi and harp.

We think you will love it!

This is the first of our eight part recorded series of shamanic story and sound journey…

We called the series, “The Song” because set within each of the stories is a powerful plant spirit song- an icaro or healing song given to shaman and given to you within the telling of each story to clean and clear and strengthen the subtle energy body…the chakras.

The icaro is sung using Shipibo – Amazonian vocals and puro sonidos (pure sounds)

The CD is a powerful healing combination of icaro, hypnotic language, poetry, instruments and sounds within an enchanting guided visualisation story.

In this, our first CD, “Message from the Earth”; the song, the sound journey and the story narration is all geared towards base chakra activation…

“The Song” started as a live performance of the eight stories and sound journeys. Each story was geared to activating a different chakra. Our audiences have been greatly enthusiastic wanting the cd to enjoy and keep working with.

So finally we get to share what is a culmination of our healing work:

Our CD of hypnotic healing story with song and sound.

The artwork of the CD is amazing…it is the art of Greenpeace fantasy artist, Malcolm Horton.

Mastered by Craig Pruess, the author of Sacrad chants of Shiva, Ganda Boys, Devi Prayer and many others.