Jurema Dreaming – A medicine sound journey. Deep trance effect for healing



COMING SOON AUGUST 1st  Jurema dreaming Album release

A medicine sound journey and shamanic blessing set to bring healing effects and deep relaxation. It can be used for medicine ceremony, trance induction, breathwork and ritual. It is an attempt to bring back from medicine dreaming the sounds and frequencies that heal, to create a medicine effect through electronica and prayer song. This track goes to my medicine work with Mimosa bringing the vision through a soundscape of synthesized composition and eventually arriving to powerful Shipibo incantation; Song of the Prayer. This particular transmission is custom created to the requests of Michaela Williams; creator of QRISTA method, trauma expert and initiated shaman. Michaela wanted an electronic soundscape for her work with superconscious trance. She wanted Gamma and Theta frequencies to feature for her first live trance journey theme – “creating safety, integrating trauma of not feeling safe in the body and in the world, 1st chakra, releasing fear conditioning, healing the vagus nerve, releasing trauma freeze response. Completion of the spirit’s descent into the body. And finishing with the heart chakra, joy, hummingbird spirit” So in the making of this track I journeyed to my medicine song and bought back frequencies and strange sounds and effects remembered, the infinite intelligence of the plants speaking back at me through drones and soaring electronic compose – for me a fascinating journey articulating the medicine effect through electronica: In the making it was constantly changing and turning course like the Ucayali, winding its way to the Amazon river. Merging of Ayahuasca’s message from the Earth and Mimosa’s music of the spheres, cleaning, clearing, balancing – making new, my blessing of Icaro; “Song of the Prayer” to conclude the effect. Loving and confirming intention of healing. I feel honoured to be asked to create medicine effect for Michaela and her trance work. This track is imbued with hi vibration and joyful energy, purpose and meaning as this has been the essence of two shaman’s magic I hope you enjoy Jurema dreaming, please let me know in comments below your experience of the sound journey. I pass you the sharing stick… Please subscribe to this YouTube channel and I can share with you more And to check out Michaela’s work:https://www.facebook.com/trancehealingtribe I am Shaman Richard Down, thank you for being here today, stay in touch, check out my work with healing song, healing sound and therapy https://www.richarddownshaman.com Peace, love and many blessings Stunning art: Kati Astraeir